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Residential & Commercial Installation/Repair for New or Existing Security Systems.

  • Alarm Monitoring starting at $14.95 a month
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Telecom, Data, TV Installation & Cabling


Residential & Commercial Installation/Repair for New or Existing:

  • Telecom
  • Data 
  • TV Equipment
  • Cabling 
  • Camera Systems

We are Licensed and Insured to help with any of your Low Voltage Needs.

Medical Alerts with 24/7 Monitoring


We offer many Advanced Water Resistant 2-Way Voice Pendants to Choose from.

Landline, Cellular and Mobile Options Available with No Contracts.


All Wired Up

  • Low Voltage Services
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Alarm Monitoring-

  • Starts at $14.95 a month
  • No Contract
  • Free Estimates 

faq: Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it take for my Alarm System to Communicate with the Main Station to Dispatch?

When an Alarm goes off, according to the programming preference set in your Alarm you will have 45-60 Seconds to Punch in the Pass code. If the time runs out or if the correct code isn't typed in the Alarm communicates with the Main Station Instantly and will begin the Notifying Emergency Contacts and Dispatch Process.

Will I be responsible for paying a bill for the Police Dispatch if an Alarm goes off?

This is a common Myth. When the Police are dispatched to your home or office it is a Free service with the intent to serve and Protect you. This also applies to False Alarms.  When your Alarm dispatches for a False Alarm you will not be charged any fees. 

I hear a Chirping Sound coming from my smoke Detectors. What does this mean and what can I do?

The Chirping sound coming from your Smoke Detector indicates that the Battery in the Smoke Detector needs to be Replaced. Replace the Battery Immediately to ensure the Safety of your Family and Property. For Assistance, Call All Wired Up to schedule a time to replace your batteries.

How do I change the Battery in my Alarm Keypad or Alarm Sensors?

You may notice your Alarm Beeping throughout the day and night Reminding you to change the battery. Depending on your System, Battery types will vary. Contact All Wired Up to know exactly what panel you have and what battery to Purchase. If there is a need of Assistance we can schedule a time to change batteries for your home or office. Changing Batteries is an important part in keeping your Alarm System Functioning.  

I signed up with a Landline Account. I Cut off my Landline Phone. Will this Affect my Alarm?

If you signed up with an Alarm Monitored Security System through your Landline Phone, then this is how your Alarm System will Communicate to the Main Station. If the Landline is cut off, the Alarm will not Function and you will need to update the Alarm System to Communicate through a Cellular Radio Communicator. Contact All Wired Up to schedule a time to make this change.

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