Medical alerts

Low Cost Monitoring starting at $14.95 a month, to help you keep what matters most, priority.

 ''We are committed to excellence in our products, services, and technologies. We have monitored over 5 million people across the US in our 30 plus years of service. Our state of the art monitoring center has the latest technology that surpasses our UL listed requirements. Most importantly is our commitment in having a personable one-on-one connection with our Customers - our trained professional staff can handle any emergencies, but also provide simple day-to-day needs, such as, connecting our Customers to their family or caregiver directly into the SilverFox Link device – day or night.'' 

-Silverfox Link Medical Alert Company



SilverFox Link Pendant with Watch

 The SilverFox Link pendant/watch that incorporates a two-way voice communicator that can place the user in direct contact with an 

Emergency Care Center. 

  • Elegant Design with two wearable options: Necklace or Watch
  •  Weight 1.4 oz - Length: 2.25 inches - Width: 1.75 inches - Height: 5/8 inch   
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery: Battery Life can last up to a week without recharging.
  • When device battery life becomes low, the customer will be notified with an alert along with the Monitoring Station so we can assure the customer stays safe.
  • The device can range up to 500 FT, which covers most homes.





 The Station can help interact with the customer through Two-Way Voice. In order for the Station to Communicate to the customer, the customer needs to be in range of 500 ft from the base unit.